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Graff Funding Announcement

December 10, 2022
3 min

Graff Golf announces closing its pre-seed round of $1.4M

Baltimore, Md. (December 10, 2022) – Graff Golf, developers of a smart golf ball that provides golfers detailed analytics of their swing and custom practice programs for improving their game, has announced that it closed its Pre-Seed Round of funding at $1,400,000.

The capital will be used for continued research and development, bringing the product to market as soon as possible. 

“We have only just started to scratch the surface of how the Graff system is going to revolutionize sports training,” said Aaron Shapiro, Co-Founder and CEO of Graff Golf. “This funding enables us to further pursue our mission of empowering athletes with access to data and analytics to understand their games like never before.”

In addition to the ongoing research and development, Graff Golf is excited to expand its current team as it adds several key employees within its engineering, logistics and marketing departments.

This round of funding represents a tremendous growth opportunity as Graff Golf is committed to connecting with more talented, passionate golfers across the world as it closes in on launching the smart golf ball.

About Graff Golf:

Founded in 2018 by three Johns Hopkins University student-athletes, Graff Golf is developing a smart golf ball that offers golfers to view detailed analytics of their swing and improve using custom practice programs. After years of trying to improve at sports without a path to get better, the three co-founders — Aaron Shapiro, Patrick Kelly and Mike Eberle — made it their mission to enable athletes to have access to data and analytics that will help them fully understand their games like never before. Graff is working towards making athlete analytics more accessible, affordable and efficient.

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