It’s all in the ball.

Bluetooth® locator, score tracking, shot statistics.
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The world's first smart golf ball.

An on-course, performance golf ball setting the standard for what a golf ball with embedded electronics can be.
Embedded sensors inside the ball allow us to record highly-accurate shot analytics.
A customized ball core creates a contact, feel and sound comparable with any performance golf ball on the market.
A comprehensive analytics platform that is the most accurate and cost-effective solution on the market.
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Hit your shots, locate your ball, track your score.

The ball's internal sensors track your score every time you hit a drive, iron, wedge or putt.
Bluetooth® Locator system that enables you to find your ball no matter where you hit it (yes, even in the water!).
Understand your club distances and course performance like never before.
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Graff uses 9 key metrics to derive deep analytics and insights into your swing.

Other launch monitors and swing analysis tools lack accuracy.
Shot Rating
Carry Distance
Ball Velocity
Spin Rate
Launch Angle
Hang Time
Apex Height

We don't just give you raw data—we analyze it for you.

Unlike every other launch monitor on the market, the Graff Golf platform helps you understand your data like never before. Our dynamic rating system shows you trends for GScore, Performance and Consistency—allowing you to get truly dialed.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Easily identify your most reliable clubs, and which clubs to improve upon in upcoming sessions.

GScore Trend

Graff's custom algorithm allows you to quickly gain a comprehensive assessment of your shots.

Performance Trend

See how you stack up compared to other golfers with a similar skillset to you.

Consistency Trend

See how your shots compare to prior sessions, and see how you're trending per club.
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Balls are included when you join.

Every membership subscription to our analytics platform comes with 2 smart golf balls free of charge. Just connect to your phone and start playing! Reserve yours today.

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