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How it all began, and what's next.

In 2018, three Johns Hopkins University student-athletes came together to accomplish an ambitious goal: Give athletes the analytics that they deserve.

The idea struck them after years of trying to improve at different sports without an efficient path to getting better. So they made it their mission to bring analytics and insight into athlete’s training programs in a more accurate and affordable way.

Now poised to launch, the team has grown stronger and more driven than ever—hyper-focused on delivering a product that will truly shake up the golf world.
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If not now, when?

The memory

Jim Margraff was the head football coach at Johns Hopkins from 1990 to 2018. He was our coach, our leader and most of all our mentor. The tenets that Jim instilled in us on the field have resonated deeply in our lives off the field. When we reflect on the many lessons we learned from him, we find that they are the same lessons that guide us through our journey of running this company. In his memory, Graff is both a nod to our math-based technology and also to Jim's surname.

The mantra

One of Coach Margraff's most powerful mantras was one of seizing opportunities: If not now, when? Tech integration into sports is imminent and there is no sense in wasting time. Our technology is ready, our team is ready, and athletes who can benefit from our product are surely ready. The mantra gives us the confidence to press on with the optimism needed to bring a product to market that has not yet been successfully debuted into golf.

The common thread:

We're a diverse group of individuals, in a variety of geographical locations, but we're all committed to upholding a common set of values—which keeps our company moving forward.
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