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An Inside Look at Graff’s Development Process

April 20, 2020
3 min

Hey everyone,

We know how uncertain this time is for everyone and wish that each one of you and your families are staying safe (and sane!). While COVID has undoubtedly paused some of our efforts, we would love to take this opportunity to tell you more about how we started this engineering effort, the challenges we ran into, and innovative solutions we have created.

First off, we are very excited to find a silver lining within this global pandemic in which we have been able to place an emphasis on software development and integrate additional features into our product. This has been very promising for us and is enabling us to launch the best product possible.

Additionally, we just recently hit our latest stretch goal of $75k! We cannot thank you, our supporters, enough! We are very excited to keep pushing that number higher over the next 6 days, the last week of our campaign. Keep your eye out for an update coming later this week announcing our next stretch goal! Without further ado, we would love to share our development story with you.

Over 18 months ago our team set out with the goal of developing a training tool that would revolutionize the improvement process forever. We knew this was no easy task, as no other team had successfully engineered a smart golf ball. We took the first couple of months to study the feasibility of the product, put together a talented and experienced team, and start our development efforts. Shortly thereafter, we had created our first prototype.

This prototype utilized an existing PCB on the market, along with custom algorithms and software that enabled us to test the initial functionality of a product of this nature. While this board served its purposes, it was clear to us that we would need to develop a custom solution for our final product.

Off the bat, we ran into two main engineering challenges:

  • Accelerometers are unable to perform past speeds of 85 MPH
  • Gyroscopes are unable to track rotations in excess of 3000 RPM

These are two problems that had stumped many teams previously in our shoes. We took the following months to create solutions to these snags and continue development forward.

After long hours and many difficult months, we were finally able to measure the detailed metrics that we had set out to track. However, we realized at that point that we had to take it a step further. Our golf ball was reporting on extensive amounts of data points on every shot. Creating a simple and intuitive UI was imperative to our success. It was of the utmost importance to develop a way for golfers to interpret the data, but not only for golfers to interpret, for our platform to analyze.

Golfers need a way to take action on the metrics that we are providing, simply providing the user with the data was not enough. Now, using a Graff smart golf ball golfers automatically have a custom improvement plan created for them. We created a platform where golfers can quickly see actionable feedback that will directly translate to improvements in their swing.

We have had such an amazing experience developing this revolutionary product that we know our customers will love. Our team is doing everything in our power to make sure that we get you your orders as soon as possible!

As always, stay tuned to the updates section of our campaign to make sure you are up to date with all things Graff.

Take care and stay safe,

Aaron Shapiro

Co-Founder and CEO

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