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2020 Recap

December 24, 2020
3 min

2020 Company Recap

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the end of the year! The team and I wanted to take this time to express how thankful we are for the incredible support and recap this untraditional yet productive year. Here are the major updates for each component of our system:

The Analytics Platform

Mobile App

We have updated the overall look of the mobile app, as seen below. The mobile app introduces an incredibly simple and intuitive way for members to see their unique data, have it analyzed, and receive feedback. There are four main sections to the app–play, analyze, improve, and challenges.

Web App

The web app is designed to give users an opportunity to analyze and visualize their raw data.  Here, users can sort and filter their shot data from recent and historical sessions in a very intuitive way. This gives them an opportunity to draw further analysis using each and every data point collected.

The Smart Golf Ball


The Graff golf balls have been tested at a robotic testing facility.  The results were very encouraging and gave us valuable insight to an improvement we’ve made on the core. The ball is expected to perform similarly to an average ball on the market.


The Graff analytics engine leverages key shot metrics tracked by the ball, historical user performance, and target metrics with each club to determine the weakest parts of a user’s game.  This analysis generates an improvement program consisting of suggested drills to address the identified swing issues.

The shot metrics that we can accurately track as of today are spin rate, spin direction, carry distance, exit velocity, hang time, launch angle, and apex height.

  1. GScore: A proprietary algorithm that takes the other seven metrics into account to determine an overall performance score.
  2. Spin Rate: The rate at which the golf ball rotates measured in rotations per minute.
  3. Spin Direction: The direction at which the golf ball is spinning.
  4. Carry Distance: The distance in which the ball travels through the air.
  5. Exit Velocity: The maximum speed at which the ball travels.
  6. Hang Time: The time the ball is in the air.
  7. Launch Angle: The angle at which the ball takes off relative to the horizon.
  8. Apex Height: The maximum height (apex) of the golf ball's trajectory measured relative to the height where the golf ball was launched from.


The engineering and design of the packaging has been completed. There are two separate packaging options. The first option is the “Starter Pack”. This contains one sleeve and the wireless charger. The second option is smaller and is for repeat orders, it does not contain space for a charger. Images of the “Starter Pack” are pictured below.


This is what everyone (including us!) has been waiting for. While we have certainly experienced production delays and engineering snags, we are finally on our way to delivering the product that you all have been waiting for.

The first 2,000 sleeves are expected to be shipped in March of 2021.

Creating a new manufacturing process is not an easy task–it’s even more difficult to do during these times. We have a three step international production process that enables us to deliver a high-quality and very accurate smart golf ball.

New Territories

The Club

The club is a content hub curated by Graff’s own Sean Fairholm. The Club features the following three elements:

The Podcast: Sean interviews various golf professionals, coaches, and industry experts to learn about how they use analytics to improve their game. Check out the podcast here!

Q&As: Sean asks questions to various industry experts about different golf related topics.

Weekly Column: Sean touches on big golf news and events each week.

The Shop

We’ve started offering some simple merchandise for supporters of Graff to purchase if they’d like to represent the brand on and off the course. Hats, beanies, polos, hoodies—just a few options to start, but we plan on expanding the shop more in 2021.

That about wraps it up! 2020 was a tough year for just about all of us—but we’ve been fortunate enough to make some incredible progress and look forward to sharing this technology with you in 2021!

Aaron Shapiro

Co-Founder and CEO

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