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Thank You Everyone and Welcome to the Graff Golf Team

April 26, 2020
2 min

We're speechless.

But we’ll write something anyway. As I’m sure all of you can agree, 2020 has gotten off to a wild start.We started our Indiegogo campaign with a $20k goal in mind - hoping to achieve the bare minimum of funding that would allow us to launch our product. Our reach goal was $40K but that seemed unlikely.

Today, we closed the campaign with over $100K and our momentum continues to build. This is nothing short of amazing and beyond our wildest imaginations. We were certain that there was a market for this product and over 900 of you think so too.  This market validation is an inspiration to us and is continuing to drive us to build the most innovative and technologically advanced tool to hit golf since metal clubs!

We can not thank you, our backers, enough. Seriously. We are working day and night to ensure that a Graff Golf membership is going to be the best step any golfer has taken towards improving their game at a manageable cost.  Our app is being released to our Beta testers for user testing this next week. We will not stop until we have the most user-friendly and player-useful interface as possible. You can be assured that when you take delivery, you will receive an experience that has never been available before. And most importantly, at a price point that makes it an everyday tool.

We have some milestones to report. Our team has set certain benchmarks in order to deliver the experience you expect and that we set out to capture. The Graff platform must be able to measure a minimum of 9000 RPM ball rotation, the expected spin of a well-hit 9 iron. Our team achieved that this week with high accuracy. Our website and user interface have to be flawless, intuitive, and user-friendly.  We believe we have achieved that as well and our beta release this week will allow us to start getting the necessary feedback to ensure this user experience. Also - we are going through a full redesign of our website. The team cannot wait to show you all the features we are packing into it, stay tuned!

We’re as excited as all of you to get this product out and our commitment to all of you is that we will be delivering what you expected to buy; the most technologically advanced, useful, and easy to use tool to improve your swing both on and off the course.

Lastly, we would like to ask each one of you to join the Graff Golf Facebook Discussion Group. We’d love for you all to introduce yourself, discuss with other backers, ask questions, request features, give feedback, and directly communicate with our team. All of us will actively be on the site and would love to speak with each of you. Your feedback is extremely important to us as we finalize the product and prepare it for shipment.

Thank you again! We cannot wait to see you on the links!

Aaron Shapiro
Co-Founder and CEO

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