Comparing the Best Golf Launch Monitors and Simulators in Golf

August 30, 2022
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Comparing the Best Golf Launch Monitors and Simulators in Golf

Golf has been intertwined with the word technology for decades. Initially, technology in golf mainly focused on the golf ball and golf club technology. That remains true to this day as golf club and golf ball manufacturers spend millions of dollars on research and development devoted to creating the best golf clubs and golf balls. But, in the 21st century, a new technological innovation has entered the arena: golf ball launch monitors and simulators.

Golf ball launch monitors and simulators are technological devices that can measure many things about the golf swing and trajectory of a golf ball, including carry distance, smash factor, attack angle, ball speed, total distance, launch angle, club path, swing speed and spin rates. All of these stats can help a golfer improve their golf swing and help diagnose some issues when it comes to contact with the golf ball.

Many teaching professionals who give lessons use golf ball launch monitors to help their students. Many touring professionals also will have a launch monitor with them when playing in professional tournaments so they can assess their swing. It is not uncommon to go to a PGA Tour tournament and watch players on the driving range collecting data from their launch monitors to dial in their swing for the tournament. 

So, who produces these launch monitors? What do they cost? And which ones are the best? Let’s discuss.

TrackMan Launch Monitor

Considered by some as the best launch monitor in the business, TrackMan launch monitors are the most used launch monitors on the PGA Tour. TrackMan has separated itself in the golf ball launch monitor market by being consistently the most accurate golf ball launch monitoring system.

The TrackMan 4 uses radar technology and has 3D capture capabilities. Its full ball flight technology allows a golfer to track everything about the shot they just hit. The launch monitor has Bluetooth capabilities to connect to an iPad if on a driving range or it can connect to a TV if in an at-home simulator.

The TrackMan is also one of the most expensive golf ball simulators on the market. The newest model, the TrackMan 4, has an initial price of $22,000. These golf ball simulators have so much technology and capabilities within them, and that comes with a steep price tag. Trackman also sells packages for at-home golf simulators, but the launch monitor itself alone is $22,000.

So, TrackMan is often considered the best golf ball launch monitor due to its vast range of capabilities, but it comes with a large price tag to acquire one.

GC Quad Launch Monitor

Another popular launch monitor and golf simulator is Foresights Sports GC Quad launch monitor.

The GC Quad Launch Monitor has many of the same capabilities as the TrackMan monitor mentioned above. The GC Quad advertises itself as being the most accurate launch monitor on the market. They mention that their quadrascope imaging allows for the most accurate picture of the golf ball and swing analysis. The quadrascope imaging is a high-speed infrared camera system that captures all the golf ball data.

The GC Quad launch monitor costs around $15,000. Foresight sports, on their website, also have full simulator packages that can range anywhere from $10,000 to $33,000. Foresight sports golf simulators come with FSX 2020 Software which allows the golfer to play on virtual golf courses.

The GC Quad launch monitor is another popular option compared to the TrackMan and is used by many professional golfers and teachers alike. It has many popular features and is considered among the most reliable golf launch monitoring systems.

FlightScope Mevo+

Another popular brand of launch monitor technology comes from the company FlightScope. FlightScope produces a launch monitor called the Mevo+ which is a more affordable version of golf launch monitor technology.

The Mevo+ offers its patented FlightScope Fusion Technology which delivers the golf swing and ball data that golfers are looking for. The launch monitor offers many full swing and chipping data points similar to the two launch monitors mentioned above.

Unlike the TrackMan and Foresight launch monitors, the FlightScope comes in at a much lower price point. The cost for the simulator on its own with the +package is around $1,800.

The FlightScope is considered a good launch monitor given its price point. It might not be as high-tech and accurate as the TrackMan model, but it will still produce the results and data most golfers are looking for.

GolfZon Simulator

The fourth and final golf simulator to look at is the GolfZon simulator package. GolfZon offers full golf simulators that include two vision high-speed sensors, a touchscreen monitor, a multi-surface hitting mat and divot sensing technology. The golf swing data provided is distance, carry, launch angle, ball speed, distance feft (to target), side variance, azimuth, side spin, back spin, face angle, and clubhead speed.

The GolfZon simulators as estimated would cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 depending upon the market and supply and demand economics.


There are many brands on the market when it comes to golf ball launch monitors and simulator options. The four mentioned above offer a variety of options and price points for a potential buyer.

TrackMan and GC Quad golfball launch monitors are the cream of the crop when it comes to launch monitor technology. They have the most advanced technology in their systems and are the most trusted brands on the market by golf teaching professionals and professional golfers. 

The FlightScope launch monitors are the most affordable full-service, non-mobile phone launch monitors for golfers. They are considered a step below the technology and data provided by the Trackman and GC Quad but provide good data for golfers.

Finally, GolfZon golf simulators are high-quality golf simulators with great launch monitor tracking data and special perks including the multi-service hitting map.

While golf ball launch monitors come at a premium price, they have many advantages for golfers of all abilities.

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